How To Make a Bathroom Feel Like A Living Space

bathroom_tile_05No less a personage than Winston Churchill discretely referred to it as the smallest room in the house. While this is not always technically true, most homes sport a fairly small bathroom. Regardless of the size, the bathroom is an integral part of every home. Here are a few ideas on how to make it less utilitarian and more of a living space:

Add some personality – By using a neutral backdrop – white tile on the floor and walls is our suggestion – you can then add any number of personal touches that will display your flair for décor. Lighting fixtures – a mini-chandelier, maybe? – or a stained glass window, even a mural painted on an accent wall can go a long way to imprinting your design sense on the space.

Include a chair or small sofa – Obviously, the bathroom will need to have enough space to incorporate a piece of furniture. Still, it gives guests and even family members a place to relax for a moment and not have to sit on the toilet seat. It is also makes a ideal space for placing children in “time-out” that is, comfortable but boring.

Install a piece of art – While not the most distinguished of places for a beloved piece of art, you can be sure that it will be examined and… isn’t that what artists truly want. A portrait or landscape is an ideal candidate but a small sculpture will also do the trick. In addition, it is easy to trade these pieces out over time so that you and your guests are never at a loss for a modicum of entertainment.

Engage all the senses – Place some potpourri or a scented candles on the vanity and play a little low key music in the background. It will make your powder room a lot more enjoyable for you, your family and your guests.In short, this sensory-laden atmosphere will give your bathroom a more relaxed ambience and make it a far more like a true living space.

As you can see, it is not particularly difficult to create a welcoming atmosphere in a bathroom space. It just takes some thought plus a little time and effort. For further information on making your bathroom feel like a real living space, please visit us at Great Western Flooring. Find us online at or speak with us directly at 630-357-3331



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