Why is Tile Being Used More Now Than Ever?

Crossville Metal Tile MixologyTile is one of the most versatile flooring materials available to the designer or homeowner. It comes in a variety of sizes, a multitude of finishes and in an almost endless number of colors. Ceramic styles can even be custom ordered if the remodeling budget allows. In short, tile makes an excellent flooring choice for any room in the house. Here are a few other reasons why tile is being used now more than ever: 

It is beautiful – Whether you choose a natural bluestone, a manufactured porcelain tile or any tile in between, the end result is an elegant addition to any room. Tile can be installed with a matte finish for a muted look or polished to a brilliant gleam. Either way, the finish will last for years and complement rugs, furniture, art or any other items placed in the room.

It is durable – Properly installed, a tile floor can last for decades. In addition, it is resistant to scuffing, cutting and staining if properly sealed. Tile floors are water-resistant making them ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens but they are also an excellent flooring choice in high traffic areas such as hallways and family rooms. For this last reason, tile is also an excellent choice for outdoor applications such as decks and pool houses.

It is versatile – There is a tile material that can be matched to any décor. Options include natural stone tile such as granite, marble and bluestone that look beautiful in a contemporary or neo-modern environment. Classic hexagonal tile is making a resurgence as the tile of choice for bathrooms. There are even porcelain tiles that mimic the look of wood that work well in traditional decors or in libraries and dens.

It is low maintenance It takes a professional to properly install a tile floor but regular maintenance can be done by anyone with a broom and a mop. A quick on a daily basis does most of the work. Then a quick mop every week and you are done. Clean-up of spills is also quick and easy as the liquid will not penetrate the finish if correctly applied.

It is affordable – Some tile floors can be quite expensive depending on the choice of material. Others,however, are quite affordable even when used in large areas. In addition, tile requires relatively little maintenance over the course of its useful life and will essentially last forever. In short, tile is one of the most affordable flooring options available when all the associated costs are included.

As you can see, tile offers the best of several worlds when it comes to flooring. It is beautiful, relatively affordable over the long term and easy to clean and maintain. For more information on natural and manufactured tile floors or if you have tile questions in general, please visit us at Great Western Flooring. Find us online at https://www.greatwesternflooring.com/ or speak with us directly at 630-357-3331


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