Wool Carpet Prices are More Affordable than Ever


Wool Carpet Prices are More Affordable than Ever

Ever since its introduction over 2,000 years ago, wool carpet has always commanded a premium from manufacturers because of its durability and its natural beauty. Wool carpet is still somewhat pricey compared to the synthetic alternatives, but it is well worth the money for those homeowners willing to make the investment.

It is long-lived – Somewhat surprisingly, natural wool carpeting is a remarkably durable product. In fact, if properly maintained, it can have a useful and attractive lifespan for up to three decades – longer than most people ever live in a particular house. In other words, a great investment.

It is easy to clean – Like most everything else, it is best to be proactive when cleaning a wool rug, but it is still fairly easy to do so. Clean up spills immediately, and then use a diluted vinegar mixture to remove any staining. The carpet should also be vacuumed on a weekly basis to avoid physical wear and tear. The result is smaller cleaning bills in the long run.

It is hypoallergenic – Wool is naturally hypoallergenic. In addition, it resists the infestation of dust mites, and the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. These facts all add up to fewer sick days and fewer doctor’s bills. Not only will you be healthier but so will your bank account.

For more information on where to get the best wool carpet prices and on other carpet related topics, please contact us at Great Western Flooring. You can visit us online at www.greatwesternflooring.com or reach us directly at 630-357-3331.


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