Getting Carpet Installed? Look for These Things in a Top-Notch Job

maslandnyloncarpetsugarshack78309It is only prudent for any homeowner who is having wall-to-wall carpeting installed to know a thing or two about the process. This knowledge will not only ensure that they get a top notch job but also pay an affordable price. Here are a few things to watch for while your contractor completes the work:

First, examine the padding – Good quality carpet padding provides an insulating and comfortable layer between the hard sub-floor and the carpet itself. It also helps to reduce damage from moisture and provides a modicum of noise insulation. It should be at least one quarter inch thick to be most effective, but should not exceed a half inch or it will not do its job properly.

Next, watch the stretchers – Stretchers are actually a piece of equipment used by carpet installers to properly fit the carpet into a particular space. Watch the installers using these tools to get a feel for how competent and comfortable they are with their job. Installing carpet is not particularly difficult but it does take some degree of expertise and experience to do it right.

Finally, examine the seams – In any carpet installation, the seams will ultimately tell the tale of whether or not a good job has been done. If they are too far apart, the seams will be stretched and far apart. If they are pushed too close together, they will rise up in a phenomenon known as “peaking.” Both phenomena are readily identifiable even to a novice.

For more information on getting carpet installed, or on other carpet related topics, please contact us at Great Western Flooring. You can visit us online at or reach us directly at 630-357-3331.


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