The Wide – and Wild! – World of Berber Carpet Styles


For centuries, handwoven Berber carpets have graced the halls and other rooms of the just and high-and-mighty. These days, things have changed and Berber carpeting is found in almost every home in America. There are many reasons for this development, but the most notable is the wide variety of Berber carpet styles. Here is a quick rundown on what is available.

Simple looped Berber – A very affordable flooring option that can be used in a variety of spaces, simple looped Berber should only be considered for low traffic areas like bedrooms and libraries. Always a durable product, it often deforms in high traffic areas like hallways and family rooms. Consider using wool Berber for these applications as it has the nicest “under foot” feel.

Pattern looped Berber – As the name implies, this Berber carpet has a pattern incorporated into the design. It is suitable for use in moderately tracked areas like family rooms and dens. The pattern is especially useful as it tends to hide stains until they can be removed properly. Nylon is the material of choice for this particular Berber.

Cut pile Berber – Easily the most durable of these types of carpets, cut pile Berber is useful anywhere in the house. The fact that the pile is cut means that the loops cannot be snagged by rowdy pets or rambunctious kids. It also retains its look much better as it does not deform as much as the looped style of Berber carpet.

Materials – Not specifically a style but a major consideration is what type of material you should get in your Berber carpet. Wool is the most comfortable and expensive. Nylon is in the middle in terms of both pricing and durability. Finally, olefin will last the longest and cost the least, but is only really usable in a commercial setting.

For further information on the wide variety of Berber carpet patterns and types available for installation in your home, please contact us at Great Western Flooring. We can be found online at or reached directly at 630-357-3331.

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