From Low to High – What You Can Expect to Pay for Berber Carpet


Berber carpet is one of the most ubiquitous flooring materials found in the United States. It graces almost every office space, and a large majority of residential homes. There are a number of Berber carpet types that range in price depending on what they are designed and manufactured to do. Here is a quick rundown on them:

The material

By far, the primary determinant of what a Berber carpet will cost is the material it is made from. On the low end of the cost scale is Berber carpet made from the highly durable synthetic fiber, olefin. It is used primarily in commercial applications because of its strength, stain and light resistance, colorfastness, and its ability to withstand both crushing and abrasion from heavy use.

Second on the cost scale is polyester. While not as resistant to crushing (pile flattening), it offers the best resistance to staining. These facts make it ideal for use in high traffic areas of residential homes.

Third on the list – and the most expensive synthetic fiber – is nylon. It is still quite resilient but also offers an enhanced “under foot” feel. It is used extensively in dens and bedrooms.

The most expensive materials used to manufacture Berber carpets are the natural fibers: wool and cotton. All hand woven Berbers (as well as some mass-produced ones), which uses one of these natural materials makes them quite expensive.

The construction

There are two main types of construction when it comes to Berber carpets – looped pile and cut pile. All carpets are manufactured the same way – loops are created and then pushed through the backing material. Some are left as is – looped carpets – and some are sheared across the top to create what is known as “cut pile” carpet. The latter is marginally more expensive because of this extra step, but has become the most popular style of carpet in the U.S.

For more specifics on Berber carpets and their costs, please contact us at Great Western Flooring. We can be found online at

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