Why You Should Consider Frieze Carpet for Your Home


Why You Should Consider Frieze Carpet for Your Home

Frieze is a style of carpet well suited to the demands of the modern home. It offers a host of benefits and only a few minor drawbacks. Here is a quick rundown on both.


  • Aesthetics – In the last decade, frieze carpet has rapidly replaced Berber as the carpet of choice in the trendiest homes. By far, it is the first choice of new home builders who are looking to impress their customers with formal yet fun floor covering.
  • Durability – The fibers in frieze carpet are wound quite tightly. This fact not only gives frieze carpet its distinctive look but also makes it highly durable as well as dirt and stain resistant. Look for a high “twist” number when considering this factor.
  • Insulating qualities – The denseness of the pile in a frieze carpet provides several benefits as well. Not only is noise dampened in general, but heat transfer is also reduced. This leads to a more comfortable living environment as well as lowered monthly utility costs.


  • Price – As with anything else in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to floor coverings. Without a doubt, frieze carpet is not the least expensive option – it is also far from the most expensive. If you consider the amount of useful years – 15 or more – that a frieze carpet will last, it becomes more of an investment in your home rather than a simple expense.
  • Maintenance – Everything beautiful must be properly maintained and frieze carpet is no different. While a homeowner will not need to purchase any special chemicals to clean their carpet, they should be wary of what vacuum cleaner they use. Those rotating tubes – known as “beater bars” – on the front of a vacuum should be avoided as they will slowly destroy the weave of your frieze carpet.

For more detailed information on frieze or any other type of carpet, please contact us at Great Western Flooring. Visit us online at www.greatwesternflooring.com or reach us directly at 630-357-3331.



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