Neutral Colored Carpeting – Boring or Brilliant?

Unknown-1-150x150Neutral colored carpeting gets a bad reputation as being dull and easy to dirty. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether the carpet is gray, beige or off-white, the newest coatings make these tones as impervious to dirt as any other color. In addition, the ability of neutral tones to complement any décor makes them some of the most versatile carpeting colors around. Here are just three reasons why:

To set the overall tone – In this case, one man’s “boring” can be another man’s “brilliant.” If you are trying to establish a relaxing feeling in a family room or a home library, neutral tones are ideal. Start with a darker floor covering – either carpet or wood – and then cover the walls in a similar but lighter tone. Highlights on the ceiling will complete the look. The result is a room that is easy on the eyes and easy to enjoy a nap, a little conversation or some reading.

As a backdrop – Neutral tone carpeting can serve as an excellent backdrop for everything from a traditional Mexican rug through brightly colored Scandinavian furniture to intricate Oriental room dividers. Neutral colors are also quite appealing in spaces where a lot of artwork is displayed. In this case, the eye of the viewer is drawn to the focal point of the room – the art – instead of the rest of the décor.

When looking to sell – If you feel the need – or you real estate agent recommends – to upgrade the carpeting in your home before selling it, definitely go with a neutral color. Your taste may not match a potential buyer’s and your investment will simply be a waste that will not be recouped. Even worse, it may sour the deal altogether costing you even more money.

For more information on the benefits of neutral colored carpeting and other flooring options in your home, please contact us at Great Western Flooring. We can be found online at or reached directly at 630-357-3331.


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