Some Carpeting Ideas for a Child’s Room

mohawk-sculpted-carpet-bold-journey-caribbean-coralWhile your children are undoubtedly the greatest joy of your life, they can be little tough on the furniture and other décor in a home – especially the flooring in their bedrooms. For this reason, it is important to choose a carpeting that not only pleases their aesthetic sense but that is also durable and stain resistant. Here are a few suggestions on what carpeting to choose for a child’s room:

Darker Colors

It is almost inevitable that a child – no matter the age – will eventually spill something on the carpet in their bedroom. Darker colors hide these stains and dirt in general far better than the lighter alternatives. In addition, consider adding a small area rug near desks and other sitting areas as they can absorb a stain and easily be replaced if necessary.

Abstract Patterns

Carpeting with an abstract is another excellent choice for use in a child’s room. The variations in color and texture can easily hide dirt – and stains to some extent – while adding a lot of visual interest to their room. Many abstract themed carpets are manufactured in bright colors but they are almost as bad as white carpeting for showing stains. It is much better to choose a neutral tone for your child’s room.

Practical Matters

Modern technology has developed a number of stain resistant chemicals that significantly protect carpets from stains. They are not foolproof, but they will give you time to deal with a stain before it sets permanently. In this instance, a homeowner should definitely consider upgrading this type of protection if given the option by the manufacturer or vendor.

The possibilities for carpeting your child’s room is endless but you should still seek some expert advice before choosing. For more suggestion on which carpet to choose for you children’s room, please visit us at Great Western Flooring. We can be found online at or reached directly at 630-357-3331.


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