Retail Carpet Stores – They are More than Mere Showcases

stanton-gentry-nylon-carpetFor the past few years, the Internet has relegated retail carpet stores to the back of the bin, so to speak. These days, however, they are no longer just showcases for the hundreds of types of carpet available. Instead, they provide a wealth of information about carpeting that cannot really be found on the Internet. Here are just a few reasons why you should visit a retail carpet store before making any carpet flooring decision:

The Carpet

When decorating your home, there are literally thousands of different carpets to choose from. Each has its distinct benefits and disadvantages. Without a little advice from an experienced professional, the average homeowner could get to feeling a little overwhelmed, but not at Great Western Flooring. Once you inform our knowledgeable in-house staff about your needs and your budget, they will expertly guide you through the process.

The Padding

Rarely seen, but integral to the proper functioning and durability of a new carpet, is the padding that is installed underneath it. The right padding not only adds a more comfortable feel to the carpet, but also protects it from moisture, adds sound insulation and increases its useful life. With padding, it may seem that more is better but this is not the case. Each type of carpet has an ideal padding counterpart and the staff at a retail carpet store can advise you on exactly which one you should use.

The Installation

There are a dozen different places where a carpet installation can go awry. If it is installed too tightly, “peaking” may occur at the seams. Similarly, a carpet that is stretched too far may “seam” and leave obvious signs of where the different carpet pieces meet. The superior retail carpet store will either supply its own installation crew and guarantee their work, or point you in the right direction to a reputable installation company.

For more information on finding the best carpeting solution for your home or office, please consult our in-store experts online at or reach us directly at 630-357-3331.


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