Installing Shaw Laminate Floor Moldings

shaw repel laminate flooring-min

Shaw laminate flooring gives the option to add the perfect finishing touch with coordinating moldings which add style and flair. Moldings are available in many colors and styles in either 7” or 10” lengths. Shaw provides a full line of trim pieces in either Threshold,T-molding, End mold and many other transition pieces that can be secured in place with a molding track which can be adhered to the subfloor to minimize using screws.

You must be sure to pre-drill holes in molding when using nails so the trim will not split. Use a miter saw when cutting trim with a carbide tipped blade to make nice finished cuts. Be careful to avoid nailing down at an angle to not attach wall base to the floor, this would prevent proper expansion.
Threshold molding is a good choice when transitioning from laminate floor to carpet, or when meeting up with vertical objects such as bathtubs, sliding glass doors or exterior doors. Always leave a 1” space between the floor and the vertical object.
T-Molding is the transition piece of choice when two level floor surfaces meet such as in an archway or doorway. Install the molding track first then push the T-molding in the track working it from right to left.
Quarter round is used to finish a perimeter of a room where seasonal expansion space was left for the floor to contract and expand. Remember when nailing moldings into the wall, never nail them to the floor.
Stairnose moldings are used to finish stair risers and treads, to provide a polished and finished staircase.
Great Western Flooring Offers Shaw Laminate Floor Moldings
If not sure how to install your Shaw laminate floor moldings, call on the flooring specialists at Great Western Flooring. We offer quality made products from the leading flooring manufacturers such as Shaw, offering a wide selection in color, shade and wood grain look. With coordinated Shaw laminate floor moldings, your room will stand out and look polished and finished.

We provide expert installation from experienced flooring technicians, and free design consultations from any of our convenient locations in Naperville, Oswego or St. Charles.
Great Western Flooring is a leading flooring and tile company pleasing customers in and around the Chicago area. We provide quality flooring products and accessories as well as professional installation. Contact us today for all your flooring and tile needs and to learn more about Shaw laminate floor moldings.


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