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Myth Buster: Carpet Truth

Shaw real achivementIf you are considering a carpet installation and all of a sudden people are giving you advice, read more to break down the real truths about carpet and separate fact from myth.  Carpet is a popular choice of floor covering in many homes, providing warmth, comfort and valuable home improvements.  Just like any other floor covering, knowing what to consider and what to look out for when shopping for carpet will help you make the best decision for your home and clear up any misconceptions.

Myth #1:  The thicker the carpet, the better.  

Fact: Thicker carpet does provide a soft and cushiony feel, although it’s the density of the carpet that provides long lasting durability.  Quality carpet with a higher density will last longer than less dense carpet.  Compare the yarn per square inch of carpet samples to know which carries more density and will provide longer lasting resilience, regardless of the carpet thickness.

Myth #2: Carpet gives off harmful VOCs.

Fact: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are a hot topic in flooring manufacturing with new flooring products containing very low to no VOCs.  Harmful contaminants such as formaldehyde have not been used in carpet manufacturing since 1978.  Carpet is actually one of the lowest contributors of VOCs compared to other household environmental products, scoring lower than typical household wall paint.  The EPA has researched the topic and no evidence of adverse health effects from carpet is found.

Myth #3:  Carpet makes allergies worse.  

Fact:  Carpet can actually improve air quality by trapping dust and allergens until vacuuming.  Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter will reduce stirring allergens up while vacuuming.  Frequent vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum can improve air quality for those who suffer with allergies.

Myth #4:  Carpet is difficult to maintain. 

There are many things you can do to extend the longevity of your carpet.  Frequent vacuuming, especially in high traffic areas, is important to prevent dirt and debris from settling low in the pile of the carpet.  Professionally cleaning your carpets every 12 to 18 months in addition to frequent vacuuming will help to preserve your carpet’s appearance and feel.

When considering all your options for flooring and wanting the truth about carpet, contact Great Western Flooring for answer to all your questions and concerns.  We offer experienced, complimentary design consultations from experienced flooring and tile experts.  Stop by one of our convenient locations for a wide selection of quality flooring and carpet products that improve the comfort and value of your home.  

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Ideas for Tile Patterns

tile-1Ceramic tile lends a unique benefit for awesome flooring installations with the many variations in ideas for tile patterns.  Just by incorporating a unique pattern when laying ceramic tile, you can easily transform the look of your entire room.  The right pattern will visually elongate a room, expand narrow rooms and even hide a room’s minor imperfections.

Check out the following ideas for tile patterns and add a wow factor to your new tile floor.

Straight Lay Grid Tile Pattern

The simple straight lay grid tile pattern is a simple design which easily blends with other patterns in the room.  A straight lay grid pattern is flexible for any room with any size of tile from mosaics to large panels including ceramic tile that resembles real stone. 

Diagonal Grid Tile Pattern 

The diagonal grid tile pattern is a straight lay grid rotated at 45 degrees to shift the focal point of the room with wide angles.  The diagonal grid pattern provides a widening visual effect with the simplicity of a straight grid install.  Diagonal patterns are ideal in smaller rooms to visually expand a small kitchen or bathroom or to create movement in a narrow space.

Chevron Tile Pattern  

The chevron tile pattern is a popular zigzag design which combines rectangular shaped tiles at angled ends.  The Chevron pattern provides widening and elongating angles to any space by carrying your line of sight along a focal point.  Installing the Chevron tile pattern is easier than it looks and requires only one size and type of tile. Alternating tiles with different colors creates a striped zigzag appearance for a strikingly beautiful floor.

Herringbone Tile Pattern

The Herringbone tile pattern is laid out in a similar zigzag pattern although the ends are not angled like in the chevron pattern. The herringbone tile pattern places rectangular tiles in a V-shaped alternating at 45° and provides a widening and elongating effect. Installing ceramic tile in a herringbone pattern allows for an intricate design with only one size and shape of tile.

Hopscotch Tile Pattern

Installing ceramic tile in the playful hopscotch pattern provides interesting, interlocking designs.  The hopscotch tile pattern is a combination of small and large tiles and requires careful planning before installation.  It is recommended to lay out your entire space before installing with adhesive.

Great Western Flooring offers complimentary design consultations for many more ideas on tile patterns.  We are the leading flooring and tile company with more than 35 years of experience pleasing customers in and around Chicago.  Contact us for quality flooring materials, professional installation and trending design ideas for flooring and tile.

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Consider Wall to Wall Carpet as an Option

Shaw Cashmere classic IIChoosing the right carpet to cover your entire room is a big decision when considering wall to wall carpet.  You want to find the perfect color and the right texture to provide the level of plushness and protection that you desire. You also want to make a smart investment as new carpeting is one of the easiest ways to improve your home’s value and comfort.

To find the best carpet for your wall to wall carpet installation, you’ll want to think about the following considerations.

  • Purpose of the room – What is the purpose of the room you are considering for wall to wall carpet? Is it a formal dining room that will not experience much activity or a busy living room where children and pets will be lounging and playing on the floor?  Speak with your carpet and flooring specialist about the purpose of your room to help you choose the right carpet to stand up to the level of activity.
  • Foot traffic – You’ll want to think about the level of foot traffic in the room to determine the density and durability of wall to wall carpet that will last.
  • Sunlight exposure – Determine the level of sunlight that your carpeting will be exposed to as direct sunlight can fade carpets without UV protection. Sunlight can also significantly alter the color of certain materials which may appear brighter with different hues in direct sunlight than artificial room lighting.  You won’t want to choose a dark color in a room that receives little to no sunlight.
  • Color – The level of sunlight plays a role in the color you choose as well as the purpose of the room. In a room that may be exposed to children, pets and stains you may want to avoid white or light colors.  Neutral colors are typically a safe bet and a good choice if considering reselling your home in the near future as neutral blends easily with almost any style of furnishings.
  • Pets – If you have pets be sure to talk with your carpet specialist about the carpeting with protection against pet stains. Carpeting with high quality stain guard can surprisingly repel even the toughest of stains including stains from pet messes and spills.
  • Texture – a textured carpet such as a cut and loop style provides a pattern that hides dirt more easily than other styles such as a flatter type of Berber carpeting.
  • Maintenance – make sure you know the best way to maintain your wall to wall carpet of choice before you buy it. You’ll want to know how often you should vacuum and deep clean and the best way to spot remove stains and spills.

Speak with your carpeting, tile and flooring experts, Great Western Flooring for more tips to consider for wall to wall carpet installations.  We offer quality carpet from the leading names in carpet manufacturers and help you choose the best carpet for your room.  Our flooring specialists are experienced in all types of carpet, features and benefits and how to select the best carpet for your room and your budget.


Great Western Flooring offers complimentary design consultations from experienced flooring and tile design experts.  We have over 35 years of experience pleasing customers in and around Chicago with quality products and professional installation.  Contact us to learn more about our wide selection of quality flooring products and for more points to consider for your wall to wall carpet installation.


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Anderson Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Anderson-Brevard-MillstoneAnderson Flooring is a leading manufacturer of engineered hardwood flooring with more than 20 beautiful collections of hardwood flooring products.  Distinctly known for gorgeous and unique hand scraped engineered wood flooring, Anderson is recognized for quality craftsmanship built into each plank.  Anderson was the first flooring manufacturer to develop 5-ply construction by alternating 5 separate wood grains into a durable product which uses half the wood of solid hardwood flooring and provides the strength of steel, setting the industry standard still used today.

Anderson introduced the revolutionary hardwood finish in aluminum oxide which provides unmatched durability and stain resistance.  This hardwood manufacturing leader delivers cutting edge technology in milling profiles to provide easier installation without compromising quality and style. Anderson delivers durability, fashion, style and exquisitely beautiful prefinished hardwood flooring.

Beautiful Hardwood Flooring Collections from Anderson

Anderson offers a large collection of engineered wood flooring collections such as the traditional Oak look of Lincoln Plank  or the classic beauty Northern Maple which is a good solid choice for high traffic areas.  The Jack Creek collection includes rich Walnut, rustic Hickory or warm American Cherry.  Depending on your style, consider a wide 6 ¼” plank from the Dellamano line which means “of the hand” in Italian to describe the rustic, hand scraped textured appeal.

The hand scraped textures provide unique character and distinction to any room to enhance any style of furnishings and décor.  A protective finish of Luster Lock Ultra finish provides maximum resistance to scratches and scuffmarks. Anderson prefinished hardwood flooring offers beauty, durability and easy maintenance for a wise investment that will last for many years.

Anderson continues to deliver exquisite and innovative wood flooring products such as the latest addition of the Landsdowne Collection which features 3 beautiful colors in solid Oak ¾” x 4” planks.  Anderson Flooring has been a leader in solid wood and engineered, prefinished hardwood flooring since 1946.  Contact your favorite flooring company, Great Western Flooring to learn more about the many possibilities with Anderson hardwood flooring products.

Great Western Flooring is a leading flooring and tile company pleasing customers in and around Chicago for more than 35 years.  We offer free design consultations, quality flooring and tile products with professional installation.  Contact us to learn more about hardwood flooring options and the many benefits of Anderson prefinished hardwood flooring.


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AKDO Glass Tile Immersion Collection

AKDO Immersion CollectionGlass tiles offer an elegant and polished look to finish off the décor of any room with class.  Jeffery Beers is a  world class architect with a passion for glass as an art form and has designed the Immersion Collection of glass tiles and mosaics for AKDO.  The Immersion Collection is influenced by the organic element of water which most closely resembles the purities of glass.

Jeffery Beers is recognized for his innate ability to create social spaces with fluidity, designing immersive experiences across many design trends. The glass tiles in this collection reflect light based on the surroundings and elicit an emotional response with the multi-faceted geometric profiles.  Various patterns provide many options with the ability to manipulate the design in several ways.

Some patterns in this amazingly beautiful collection include:

Awash – this beautiful design is inspired by rain streaking down a pane of glass, with a straited pattern at a 45° angle which creates intriguing movement.  These panes can be installed in a chevron pattern to provide a widening effect, a box effect or other variations.

Crystallite – this diamond shaped pattern resembles ice sheets drifting across the water with multi-faceted triangles blending together in a three dimensional texture.  This sparkling Crystallite design reflects the surrounding light and color to create continual changes in light and depth.

Undertow – these small scale tiles feature elevated, concave circular patterns which is Jeffrey Beers’ tribute to French glass blocks and the Maison de Verre, Paris’s iconic house which is constructed of them.  The geometric design offers a beautiful and intriguing pattern and makes an interesting tiled area or border to highlight specific areas.

The mixture of these cool hues in the Immersion collection compliment the nautical theme and are available in solid neutral colors such as  Artic White and Dove Gray, as well as bold metallics such as Silver Silk, metallic navy called Voyage Blue and a metallic white named Peak White as a tribute to the glistening whitecaps floating through icy waterways.

The Immersion Collection by Jeffery Beers is making waves in both commercial and residential home improvement projects from public restrooms, nightclubs, lobbies and residential kitchens.  This classy and elegant tile collection allows for creativity in any space to add a wow factor and beautifully enhance your architecture and décor.

Great Western Flooring is a leading tile and flooring center with experience in all types and styles of quality tile for both commercial and residential applications.  We offer a wide selection of porcelain, glass, ceramic and stone tiles and experienced, professional installation.  Stop by for a complimentary design consultation and learn how to enhance your space with beautifully designed tile. 


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How to Keep Hardwoods Looking Beautiful

Paramount lift bridgeHardwood floors add value to homes with durable floor that can last for decades if you know how to maintain and keep your hardwoods looking beautiful.  Hardwood floors are not that difficult to clean and can be simpler to maintain than carpeting or tile.  With a few tips on the proper way to maintain your hardwood flooring, you’ll enjoy a stunning floor for many years.

Here are a few tips on the best way to maintain your hardwood flooring and prevent damaging your beautiful floor.

Dust Hardwoods Regularly

Regular cleaning and removal of debris is important to maintain hardwood flooring.  Use a dust mop regularly to remove dust, pet hair, and even small specks of dirt which could easily scratch a hardwood surface.  If using a vacuum, be sure to use the floor brush attachment and not the beater bar as this could damage a hard wood surface.  If your vacuum has a hard floor setting this should turn off the beater bar and lower the vacuum for increased suction.

Immediately Dry Spills

Polished hardwoods may appear shiny and water resistant but certain liquids can eat away the polished top coat of a hardwood floor.  Specifically, pet urine, milk and mustard should immediately be dabbed dry.

Wet Mopping

Use a liquid cleaner such as a commercial wood cleaning product for periodic deep cleanings and be sure to follow the manufacturer directions.  You can use a damp mop to help clean and maintain a hardwood floor with recommended cleaners available at most home supply stores.  Most wet mop products for hardwoods contain isopropyl alcohol because it dries up quickly.  It is also safe to mop with a solution of one cup of white vinegar to one gallon of water as this solution effectively removes dirt and grease without stripping the polished finish.

Do not ever use a steam mop on wood floors as this may cause irreparable damage to hardwoods.

Use the Right Hardwood Products

Using the right products with regular dusting and mopping is important to keep your hardwoods looking beautiful.  Some products may add a shine or polish, which is not the same as a protective coating.  When regular dusting and mopping do not restore the luster and shine to your floor it may be time for your hardwood flooring to be refinished.

Hardwood Refinishing

Refinishing hardwood involves sanding the top layer to remove scuffs and marks and covering with a protectant sealant.  You should plan on refinishing your hardwood flooring at least every ten years, or even two to five years for high traffic floors.

Great Western Flooring offers complimentary design consultations and a wide selection of quality flooring products.  Stop by one of our convenient design centers in Naperville, Oswego or St. Charles to speak with an experienced flooring and tile expert.  Contact us with any questions on selecting, installing or maintaining your floors and more tips on how to keep your hardwoods looking beautiful.



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3 Reasons to Replace Flooring in the Spring

ivcus luxury vinyl plank flooring Mahagony-minIndustry experts agree that Spring is the best time for home remodeling and to revitalize your home’s interior, including replacing your flooring.  Spring is a time of increased sunshine, new blooms of color with shrubbery and flowers and makes for a great time to spruce up your home.  Not only will you feel a need for some basic spring cleaning, but replacing your floor during Spring time is the most advantageous time of year for a few reasons.

Temperature and humidity affect flooring installations.

There is a good reason why flooring must acclimate to the room and environment in which it will be installed, days prior to actual installation.  If flooring is not acclimated to the environment, serious problems will become evident during and after installation with warped and ill fitting planks or tiles.  Wood flooring is especially susceptible to problems if not fully acclimated.

The cold, dry air of winter weather can dry out the flooring, which will shrink after installation causing cracking or the planks will pull apart.  Wood flooring that has been stored in hot, humid conditions will dry out and must be acclimated in an air-conditioned environment prior to installation.

The heat of a hot sweltering summer may also affect flooring installations if acclimation is not properly conducted and installed with adequate ventilation.  Which brings us to the next best reason for installing in the spring, you can open your windows.


Open the windows and ventilate the room.

Spring time is the perfect time to open the windows and air out the house, this is mandatory when installing flooring.  Ventilating the room with the outdoor air during cold winter or hot summer months could affect the flooring installation, causing planks to swell or contract.

Install Your Flooring in Comfort 

All of this opening and closing of doors to bring material in and out, using a saw to make specific cuts in the garage going back and forth and opening windows for ventilation are all good reasons to replace flooring in the Spring.  You won’t be wasting heat in the winter or AC in the summer, not to mention what allowing cool dry air or hot humid air in would do to your acclimated floor. You’ll want a nice comfortable temperature for your own benefit as well as the outcome of your wood flooring installation.

So, go ahead and plan your new flooring installation this Spring, open the windows, enjoy the fresh air and the look of your beautiful new floor.  Contact your experienced flooring and tile center for more ideas on sprucing up your floor this Spring.

Great Western Flooring is the leading flooring and tile center serving Chicagoland with free design consultations, quality products and professional installation.  We offer a wide selection of the best names in flooring products and experienced design ideas.  Contact us to learn more about replacing your flooring in the Spring for a beautiful floor with successful installation.     

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