tkT1fNN_ohErZGWL0SeSgbODWQusLBpd4gGTLtNsrW8.jpegGlass tile adds a whole new dimension to your design concept. The luminescence of glass when it captures the lighting in your home is truly magnificent. Unlike stone, which is not typically uniform, glass tile can be extremely uniform and symmetric. When the design is planned and executed well, the results can be bold and beautiful, or subtle and earthy like stone tiles. READ MORE…….



AKDO-Porcelain-Tile-LaChic-150x150.jpgVintage is gaining a lot of traction these days.  Everything that was once old is new again and its popularity is showing no signs of letting up.  But there are those certain instances in home renovations where the past, frankly, needs to be left in the past.  It’s no wonder interior decorating is such a huge industry today because from the look of some bathrooms in older homes, it was obviously nonexistent.  Bathroom renovations account for nearly half of all renovations performed in homes today.  The spa concept has taken over simply because we are actually spending more time in our bathrooms than ever before.  While the steam showers, jetted tubs and vessel sinks are all the rage, tile or stone bathroom flooring is the foundation for the beauty that makes these bathrooms special. READ MORE……


Unknown-150x150-1.pngBasement Flooring – From Unusable to Beautiful

Let’s face it, basements can be creepy places.  We all remember the scene from Home Alone (yes, filmed right here in Chicago!) when little Kevin had to face the Boiler that he just knew was some kind of monster. Turns out, it really was just a boiler but the point of this is we all have vivid memories of a creepy basement!  But times have changed and basements are now being transformed from ugly storage rooms to beautiful additions to our living space.  From Man Caves to fairy tale play rooms to teen hangouts, the basement is becoming the fastest growing area of renovation to homes.  It has the most versatility available for its square footage and the design possibilities are endless.  However, to make the renovation a success, you have to start by choosing the correct basement flooring.  READ MORE……

Chicagoland’s Best Carpet Retailer

maslandnyloncarpetsugarshack78309Carpet continues to be a leading choice for flooring in America. It is timeless, classic and sometimes even nostalgic. As the proud retailer of both Mohawk Floorscapes® and Shaw Flooring Gallery® collections, we offer a huge selection of carpet in vast colors, designs and textures. READ MORE………

Tile and Stone is the bedrock of our business

oceansideglasstileDevotion_PolaroidAt Great Western Flooring we specialize in spectacular design styles incorporating an extraordinary range of tile and stone. Tile and stone is used as flooring in just about any room in your home, but it is also utilized in other areas like backsplashes or even fireplaces. READ MORE………….

Our Suppliers Are Carb 2 Compliant


What is CARB 2 Compliant?

– The California Air Resources Board (CARB) enacted legislation in 2007 to reduce formaldehyde emissions in composite wood products. In 2011, stricter regulations were set, CARB 2 (Phase 2 Compliant).
– Formaldehyde is commonly used to make a variety of products including resins that are used as adhesives in composite wood products. Also known as a cancer causing chemical, high levels of formaldehyde can be toxic. READ MORE………..