Unknown-3-150x150When you go shopping for new carpeting, you need to know the full extent of the service provided, including the complete price of carpet installed.  It pays to contact an expert carpeting store to provide you with the necessary advice on the various styles available and the properties of the different types of carpet available for installation.




With so many fibers, styles and colors, you have many choices to consider when installing new carpet.  You will want to consider the traffic in the area of installation, the exposure to sunlight and risk of exposure to stains.  Some fibers like wool are more likely to pile but may be softer than other fibers.  Nylon is a versatile fiber that provides durability and comfort.  Speak with a carpeting expert on which fiber is a good fit for you when shopping prices for having carpet installed.  




Be sure to know exactly what you’re getting when you get a price quote for a carpet install.  Some companies may not prepare your floor, or it may not be included in the price of installation.  You’ll also want to know what type of padding is being used, this can make a huge difference in the quality of your carpet installation.  


You’ll want to get the maximum about of comfort available with your new carpet installation, be sure to select a carpet store with knowledge in the various styles and fibers, and one that is experienced with carpet installations.  


A skilled carpet installation will include any custom cuts for tricky designs or angles, and utilization of the proper tools including a power stretcher for long lasting carpet.  


Your installation should also include removal of your old pad and carpeting.  Selecting a store that will recycle this material is a making conscience effort to help the environment.  




Contact the experts at Great Western Flooring for a carpet installation that goes above and beyond the norm.  We have been providing quality carpeting and floor covering to the greater Chicago area for over 25 years, and have vast experience with residential and commercial carpet installations.  


We provide custom design work, and quality installation including preparation of your floor, and removal and recycling of all old materials.  


Let us help you achieve the level of comfort and design that you desire, with professional carpet installation.  


Best Value for Carpet per Sq Ft Price

Unknown-6-150x150When it’s time to replace or install new carpeting, you want the best value for your carpet per sq ft price.  With various fibers possessing different properties, it is worth your time to evaluate the different types of carpeting for your needs.  Installing the right type of carpet for your application will ensure that you receive the most valuable return on your investment.


When evaluating carpet styles, you may wonder which one is right for you.  Nylon is a common choice, providing durability with long lasting stain and fade resistance, and will run in the low to medium price range of approximately $3 per square foot.  Nylon is the strongest of fibers and makes up the majority of carpeting sold today.  It is durable with high resiliency and colorfast properties, providing a great value and improvement to your home.  The only drawback to nylon might be a higher probability of static, but you can have the carpet treated with a non-static coating to reduce this property.


Polypropylene, also known as Olefin, is a less expensive fiber for carpet, averaging on the lower end closer to $1.50 per square foot, but be sure to talk with the experts about your purpose as this type can be susceptible to pile crush depending upon the placement in high traffic areas.  Olefin currently makes up approximately 30% of total carpet sales, however, and can be an inexpensive alternative to higher cost carpet pieces.  


Wool is a fiber that is on the high end when comparing carpeting in price per sq foot, and is out of reach for some consumers at sometimes over $10 / square foot.  In some applications, this may be a desirable choice as wool is very soft, but it does not resist moisture very well and tends to pile and wear away, leaving bald patches in some cases.  Wool is a naturally stable fiber, but can require high maintenance and is desirable in low traffic areas.  


Great Western Flooring Co. Offers Value for Carpet Prices


When evaluating your options for the best carpet price sq ft., be sure to call on the experts at Great Western Flooring.  We have been providing superior service with carpet and floor coverings for over 25 years! We have the resources and experience to bring the best value, no matter the type of flooring or carpet desired.  

Contact us today at one of our three convenient locations for a free no-cost no-obligation quotation to receive your best price per square foot on all styles of carpeting.

Why Wool Berber Carpet for My Home?

chicago_carpet_05For a thousand years and more, the natural fiber of wool has been used to create handcrafted Berber carpets of unsurpassed beauty. It is a credit to the durability of this natural fiber that many of these carpets still exist.

These days, the manufacturing of wool Berber carpet has been automated to a tremendous degree, but it is still as aesthetically pleasing as ever and even more durable. Here are a few of the more pertinent facts to know about it:

It is still all natural – There are dozens of synthetic variations of carpet available. Still, wool carpeting is the choice of those homeowners who prefer an all-natural, hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly and extremely comfortable fabric for covering their floors. In addition, wool carpeting repels moisture quite well thus making it both mold and mildew resistant.

It is incredibly durable – While wool is very soft underfoot, this comfort belies the fact that it is also extremely durable. After all, if you think about it, wool actually does a pretty good job of protecting sheep from the weather and other environmental factors. No wonder it lasts so long while protected within a home or office space. Wool also repels common dirt particles and is easy to clean – another reason for its durability.

It can be truly affordable – With the proper care, wool carpet will last for years – keeping its luxurious look even under the rigors of the heaviest foot traffic. If a homeowner considers the long term, this means less replacement costs and a better overall return on investment. In short, it pays to invest in wool carpeting for your home.

The best way to understand the benefits of wool Berber carpet is to experience it. For more information on it and to experience it first-hand, please contact us at Great Western Flooring. We can be found online at or reached directly at 630-357-3331.

A Quick Reference Guide to the Various Types of Carpet

Unknown-1-150x150When deciding upon the best wall-to-wall carpeting for your home, there are a number of materials to consider. Each has its benefits and disadvantages. Here is a quick rundown on the most common types and some suggestions for purchasing the best one for both your aesthetic tastes and your functional needs:

Wool Wool was one of the original floor carpets and is still widely used in homes today. Although a little pricey, it does afford an exceptional feel under your feet, cleans up well and is naturally fire-retardant. In addition, wool is an all natural material that is hypo-allergenic and environmentally friendly.

NylonSince nylon is one of the hardest of all synthetic fibers, it is exceptionally resilient and durable. In fact, a nylon carpet will usually last longer than one made from any other type of fiber – natural or synthetic – under similar circumstances. While nylon is easy to clean, unfortunately it also stains quite easily and should be chemically treated for stain resistance before installation.

OlefinMore technically known as polypropylene, this synthetic fiber is renowned for its colorfastness, stain resistance and affordability. It is extremely resistant to exposure to sunlight, water and harsh chemicals making it ideal for indoor/outdoor applications such as spas, pool houses and basements.

PolyesterThis fiber is certainly the most affordable from a short-term perspective and is quite comfortable to walk on. Unfortunately, these benefits are negated to some extent by the inability of polyester carpeting to withstand any significant amount of wear and tear. It is best used in low traffic areas such as extra bedrooms.

These are just four of the more generic terms for carpeting available to the 21st century homeowner. There are literally thousands of other carpet types. For more information on them and on choosing the right type of carpet for your home, please contact us at Great Western Flooring. We can be found online at or reached directly a t630-357-3331.

Retail Carpet Stores – They are More than Mere Showcases

stanton-gentry-nylon-carpetFor the past few years, the Internet has relegated retail carpet stores to the back of the bin, so to speak. These days, however, they are no longer just showcases for the hundreds of types of carpet available. Instead, they provide a wealth of information about carpeting that cannot really be found on the Internet. Here are just a few reasons why you should visit a retail carpet store before making any carpet flooring decision:

The Carpet

When decorating your home, there are literally thousands of different carpets to choose from. Each has its distinct benefits and disadvantages. Without a little advice from an experienced professional, the average homeowner could get to feeling a little overwhelmed, but not at Great Western Flooring. Once you inform our knowledgeable in-house staff about your needs and your budget, they will expertly guide you through the process.

The Padding

Rarely seen, but integral to the proper functioning and durability of a new carpet, is the padding that is installed underneath it. The right padding not only adds a more comfortable feel to the carpet, but also protects it from moisture, adds sound insulation and increases its useful life. With padding, it may seem that more is better but this is not the case. Each type of carpet has an ideal padding counterpart and the staff at a retail carpet store can advise you on exactly which one you should use.

The Installation

There are a dozen different places where a carpet installation can go awry. If it is installed too tightly, “peaking” may occur at the seams. Similarly, a carpet that is stretched too far may “seam” and leave obvious signs of where the different carpet pieces meet. The superior retail carpet store will either supply its own installation crew and guarantee their work, or point you in the right direction to a reputable installation company.

For more information on finding the best carpeting solution for your home or office, please consult our in-store experts online at or reach us directly at 630-357-3331.

Where Berber Carpeting Works Best in a Home

chicago_carpet_05Since time immemorial, handwoven Berber carpets have graced the homes of the rich and famous. These days, however, the mass-produced versions of this durable carpet have become so affordable that they can be used in the most modest of homes. In fact, its versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications in a residential setting. Here are three of the more common spaces where it is especially useful:

In hallways – Manufactured from the most modern materials – nylon and olefin most common – and with its loop pile construction, the latest generation of Berber carpets can withstand an enormous amount of wear and tear. In addition, the finished carpet is coated in high-tech polymers that significantly withstand staining. For this reason, Berber carpet can be used in hallways, entryways and even mud rooms.

In the breakfast nook – As mentioned, the coatings on a Berber carpet are quite stain resistant but not actually stain proof. In fact, no manufacturer can guarantee the latter. Still, Berber carpets that are maintained properly and cleaned up promptly will withstand stains to a greater degree than ones manufactured from natural materials like wool. So, if you want to forego tile in your breakfast nook for a different look and warmer feel, try Berber carpet.

In the great room – This particular space in the home offers a multitude of challenges. It will be used extensively, food and drink will be spilled, and the carpet will still be expected to last a long time as well as provide a feeling of comfort for both the family and guests. No carpet other than Berber can be expected to perform well in this particular environment. Plush carpet will show the stains, shag will get tangled and cut loop will not hold up to the traffic.

For more specific information on the advantages of using Berber carpeting in your home or other flooring options, please contact us at Great Western Flooring. We can be found online at or reached directly at 630-357-3331.

Some Carpeting Ideas for a Child’s Room

mohawk-sculpted-carpet-bold-journey-caribbean-coralWhile your children are undoubtedly the greatest joy of your life, they can be little tough on the furniture and other décor in a home – especially the flooring in their bedrooms. For this reason, it is important to choose a carpeting that not only pleases their aesthetic sense but that is also durable and stain resistant. Here are a few suggestions on what carpeting to choose for a child’s room:

Darker Colors

It is almost inevitable that a child – no matter the age – will eventually spill something on the carpet in their bedroom. Darker colors hide these stains and dirt in general far better than the lighter alternatives. In addition, consider adding a small area rug near desks and other sitting areas as they can absorb a stain and easily be replaced if necessary.

Abstract Patterns

Carpeting with an abstract is another excellent choice for use in a child’s room. The variations in color and texture can easily hide dirt – and stains to some extent – while adding a lot of visual interest to their room. Many abstract themed carpets are manufactured in bright colors but they are almost as bad as white carpeting for showing stains. It is much better to choose a neutral tone for your child’s room.

Practical Matters

Modern technology has developed a number of stain resistant chemicals that significantly protect carpets from stains. They are not foolproof, but they will give you time to deal with a stain before it sets permanently. In this instance, a homeowner should definitely consider upgrading this type of protection if given the option by the manufacturer or vendor.

The possibilities for carpeting your child’s room is endless but you should still seek some expert advice before choosing. For more suggestion on which carpet to choose for you children’s room, please visit us at Great Western Flooring. We can be found online at or reached directly at 630-357-3331.