Wide Selection of Shaw Carpet at Prices You Can Afford


When comparing new carpet purchase options, you might see a lot of deals offering great carpet for low prices, but beware of comparing apples to oranges when looking at Shaw carpet prices. Deals that appear too good to be true usually are, as many bargain basement carpet resellers try to pass off substandard carpeting as a higher grade of fibers than what it really is.  

Purchasing new carpet is an investment in your home, one that will last for many years with a wise purchase.  Your home is your sanctuary, make sure that you ask to see the difference in quality that Shaw carpet has to offer, and you may be surprised at the affordable pricing for such superior carpet.  

Shaw is recognized among carpet manufacturers as a leader in the industry, with patented carpeting products that provide years of beauty and comfort.  Shaw’s carpets are manufactured with proprietary technology, providing only the best in carpet fibers and backing, made to last while maintaining their shape and texture.  

Shaw Carpet Dealer Near Chicago

Great Western Flooring Company, with three design centers near Chicago, offers only the best in name brand carpet and pad including Shaw carpet options at affordable prices.  Shaw Floors is a name you can trust, with thousands of combinations in patterns and designs, in varying styles and types.  Shaw carpet is available in a wide selection of Loop, Texture, Twist or Pattern carpeting, offering classic beauty in countless durable designs.  

Great Western Flooring is a proud distributor of Shaw carpet, with prices affordable for residential and commercial flooring options.  We offer quality carpeting and flooring products combined with professional installation for long lasting home or business improvements.  See the difference that Great Western Flooring provides to make your house a home, and add value to your commercial property with durable, high quality flooring.

Great Western Flooring is an experienced flooring company, pleasing customer for more than 35 years with high quality flooring products and professional installation.  Contact us today for a FREE design consultation and to speak with one of our knowledgeable design experts.


Price of Carpet Depends on Many Factors


New carpeting adds comfort, warmth and value to your home with several factors such as the carpet type, texture and manufacturer determining the price of carpet installation.  Some of the most important factors to consider when evaluating the price of carpet include the type and style, with many variations ranging from a low-end bargain carpet to a plush expensive style, with popular and more affordable styles in between.

The environment in which the carpet is installed must be taken into consideration when evaluating carpet prices.  A nylon, or loop carpet might be a good choice for a high traffic area such as a children’s room or busy living room.  There are many variations of nylon, olefin and polyester carpeting with a wide range of carpet prices, which make up the majority of residential carpet installations.  These synthetic carpet options offer many choices in texture and style, and it may be worth it to pay a little more now for the right type of carpet that will last for many years.  It is extremely important to purchase from a reputable carpet and flooring company, to ensure the quality of carpet manufacturing will provide the years of comfort you desire.

With vast resources and a wide range of carpet products, contact Great Western Flooring or stop by one of our amazing showrooms today to see the styles of carpet we have to choose from.   We are proud distributors for Shaw Floors carpet products, for a wide range of styles and textures, with a quality name you can trust and the price of carpet that you can afford resulting in a great value and investment for your home.

Great Western Flooring is also a proud distributor for Mohawk Flooring products, offering many styles and options with moisture and stain resistant technology.  To get the best value for your money regardless of the price of carpet you are searching for, stop by one of our convenient locations surrounding the Chicago area.  

Great Western Flooring has over 35 years of experience pleasing customers with high quality flooring and carpeting products at a price you can afford.  Contact us today for a FREE design consultation to get the best value for your new carpet purchase.

Tuftex Casablanca Carpeting for Classic Elegance

Tuftex Casablanca Carpeting for Classic Elegance

Tuftex Casablanca is a Shaw carpet product, coming from a top name manufacturer in the carpeting industry.  This luxurious carpeting is made of Nylon for long lasting durability, and comes with Stainmaster treatment to provide years of maintenance free beautiful carpeting.  

The Casablanca design is classic and elegant, perfect for large dining areas or large commercial floor space.  The ornate but simple design of interlocking square chains provides a pleasing floor design that comes in many shades and hues.  Available in several colors including cream, ivory, golden, indigo, stone washed, black, blue, rose and shades of tan, you are sure to find the perfect shade and color for your room.   

Shaw Carpet for Best Value

Shaw is recognized as a leader in carpet and flooring manufacturing, with high quality products that look fantastic and last for many years.  With innovative technologies for stain and wear resistant products, Shaw carpet and flooring provides high quality at an affordable price.  

Tuftex Casablanca receives a score of 4.5 on the Hexapod, which is a test that evaluates the carpet’s ability to retain appearance after subjected to simulated foot traffic.  The Hexapod is an internationally recognized procedure used in the carpeting industry.  The testing method consists of a rotating circular drum, with carpeting placed on the inside, along with a steel ball with pods that replicate footsteps landing on the carpet.  

Tuftex maintains the same high-quality standards as Shaw, producing consistent quality and reliable brand products.  Tuftex is committed to quality and three main core values that they strive to maintain during the course of business: Reliable, Stylish and Sophisticated, and Caring.  Tuftex succeeds in carrying on Shaw’s high-quality standards, with long lasting quality carpeting all made in the USA.  

Great Western Flooring is a proud distributor of Shaw carpeting, including the Tuftex line, both recognized as leaders in the carpeting industry.  Contact us today or stop by one of our conveniently located design centers to see how we can help you with your new carpet installation.  


Shaw Carpet Dealers Near Chicago, IL

With the vast selection of carpeting these days, it is worth your time to investigate the best carpet brands to receive high quality carpeting for your flooring improvement project.  Shaw is recognized as a leader in the carpet and flooring industry, providing patented and proprietary carpet and flooring products manufactured with innovative technology.  Shaw offers thousands of carpeting designs and patterns, in all types and styles.  A wide selection of patterns are available in Loop, Twist, Pattern or Texture carpeting.  

As a proud retailer of Shaw Flooring Gallery ® collections, Great Western Flooring offers high quality carpeting to homes and businesses all over the Chicago area.  Our design centers showcase a wide selection of carpet in various textures, designs and colors.  

Carpet and Flooring Design Centers Serving Wide Chicagoland Area

Great Western Flooring offers three sophisticated design centers where our skilled flooring designers are available to assist you with the perfect layout for sensational flooring.  Our flooring design center in Naperville serves Chicago, Downers Grove, Naperville, Oakbrook and other surrounding areas.  

Our St. Charles flooring design center serves St. Charles, West Chicago, Batavia, Elgin, Carol Stream and areas within St. Charles proximity.  The Oswego design center serves Oswego, Bolingbrook, Sugar Grove and surrounding areas.  

Great Western Flooring has been pleasing residential and commercial customers with extraordinary service and high-quality products at an affordable price for more than 35 years.  We know what it takes to give demanding commercial customers fast and professional flooring installations, with quality products that will last.  We are a high-end Mohawk and Shaw carpet dealer serving Chicago and surrounding areas with superior carpeting and flooring services at an economical price.  

Stop by one of our impressive design centers today for a FREE design consultation and to receive the best return on your investment.   We assist homeowners and commercial properties with beautiful and long-lasting flooring and tile services.  

Great Western Flooring is a recognized leader in the flooring industry with high-quality carpet from the most trusted names in carpet manufacturers.  Serving the Chicago area, we are familiar with high end commercial installations and residential home improvements.  Contact us today for a FREE design consultation of your next carpet and flooring project.  


Frieze Carpet Prices Provide Value for Your Money

Frieze carpet is a twisted pile that is extremely durable, holding its shape in between vacuuming and providing long lasting comfort in many settings.  Frieze carpet is common in commercial buildings as the durability is an appealing quality in high traffic areas, and this type of carpet is becoming much more popular in residential settings as well.  Frieze carpet is a good quality of carpeting providing years of comfort and beauty for your home or office.  

Frieze carpeting is towards the mid-range of carpet prices, not at the low end, but not the highest of quality and price either.  This makes Frieze carpet style a desirable choice to get the most value for your dollar, and a great investment in your home.  

Frieze is popular for commercial settings as it will hold up well in large areas, even in environments with very high traffic.  The twisted fibers give this carpet a unique ability to stay in place, and not  show footprints in between cleanings.  

With proper maintenance and care, Frieze carpeting will last in the range of 15 years or so.  When vacuuming, be mindful of the height setting so as not to tear the twisted fibers and reduce the durability of the carpet.  

The cost of Frieze carpet may not be the lowest, but if you are looking for a sound investment and to get the most value for your money, consider Frieze carpeting for your home or office.   

Let the carpet professionals at Great Western Flooring help you determine the best types of carpet pile for your needs.  We have over 35 years of experience pleasing customers in Chicago and surrounding areas with high quality and low-cost flooring and countertops.  Contact us today for a free no-obligation quotation or stop by one of our showrooms to see how we can help you with your new carpet installation.  


Modern Shag Carpets are Classy and Sophisticated

When you hear of Shag carpets, you may think of the of long shaggy carpets of the late 1970’s in greens and golds with multicolored textures.  Shag carpets have come a long way since then, with modern shag carpeting offering luxurious softness with a look of sophistication.  

Shag carpeting is constructed with dense cable yarn making it extremely soft, which is desirable in upscale bedrooms for example, although the soft feel of shag creates a cozy warm feeling in any room.   The typical shag carpet is usually at least a one inch pile, so that the yarns lay randomly when exposed to foot traffic.  

A shorter shag is a cut-pile plush usually a half an inch to three-quarters of an inch, with a little more density.  This is a shorter pile but gives a similar luxurious feel to the shag carpet, with the fibers still falling randomly with foot traffic.  

Quality Shag Carpet Manufacturers

Shag carpet can come in any color imaginable, and when purchased from a reputable manufacturer you can rest assured that your carpet will provide the comfort and softness you desire for many years.  

Quality carpet fibers are necessary for a quality carpet, and Great Western Flooring offers only the best in quality carpets and flooring.  Great Western Flooring has been installing quality carpets, flooring and countertops to commercial and residential customers in the Chicagoland area for over 35 years.

Our carpet and flooring products are the highest in quality, installed by trained carpet professionals with state-of-the-art equipment.  We can assist you in determining the best carpet for your room or project, based on the environment and your specifications, providing long lasting comfort at an affordable cost.  

Stop by one of our showrooms and see how we can help you add quality flooring to your space, improving your comfort and adding value to your home.  Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable carpet and flooring experts for a FREE consultation.  



What are My Options with Berber Carpet Colors?

Berber carpet is a very popular style of carpet, but you may be wondering what are my options when it comes to Berber carpet colors?  The typical Berber carpet that may come to mind is the off-white color with specks of a darker color such as tans, browns or gray.  This is very common as the color specks help to hide dirt as the carpet ages, and is quite versatile as you can match a variation of this style to almost any décor.  

Berber is More Than Neutral Colors

The multicolor specks in a neutral base tone is the most typical Berber carpet purchase, but this durable carpet can be much more than Neutral!  Mohawk is one of the leading carpet manufacturers using only high-quality fibers for high quality carpets, and offer dozens of color variations.  Within the Moonbeam color family of the Berber Ease style line, Mohawk offers color combinations with off-white, tan, gray and blue.  

Eye-catching Berber carpets will maintain their vibrant colors for many years.  With the proper care, your carpeting will stay beautiful and appealing whichever color you choose.

Berber Durability

Berber carpet is a loop pile type of carpet, with high density for maximum durability.  Berber is the carpet of choice for high-traffic areas, or rooms with a lot of activity from either children or pets.  With Mohawk’s stain resistant Berber carpet, you can rest assured that your purchase will last as long as you want it to, providing years of comfort and beautiful flooring.

For the carpet of your dreams, in the color that you most desire, contact a carpet and flooring professional such as Great Western Flooring.  

Great Western Flooring has been pleasing customers with high-quality carpet from the most trusted names in carpet manufacturers for over 35 years.  Serving the Chicago area, we are familiar with high end commercial installations, or residential home improvements.  For the most color options with any style, including Berber carpet, contact us today for a FREE cost estimate of your next carpet and flooring project.