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Wide Selection of Shaw Carpet at Prices You Can Afford


When comparing new carpet purchase options, you might see a lot of deals offering great carpet for low prices, but beware of comparing apples to oranges when looking at Shaw carpet prices. Deals that appear too good to be true usually are, as many bargain basement carpet resellers try to pass off substandard carpeting as a higher grade of fibers than what it really is.  

Purchasing new carpet is an investment in your home, one that will last for many years with a wise purchase.  Your home is your sanctuary, make sure that you ask to see the difference in quality that Shaw carpet has to offer, and you may be surprised at the affordable pricing for such superior carpet.  

Shaw is recognized among carpet manufacturers as a leader in the industry, with patented carpeting products that provide years of beauty and comfort.  Shaw’s carpets are manufactured with proprietary technology, providing only the best in carpet fibers and backing, made to last while maintaining their shape and texture.  

Shaw Carpet Dealer Near Chicago

Great Western Flooring Company, with three design centers near Chicago, offers only the best in name brand carpet and pad including Shaw carpet options at affordable prices.  Shaw Floors is a name you can trust, with thousands of combinations in patterns and designs, in varying styles and types.  Shaw carpet is available in a wide selection of Loop, Texture, Twist or Pattern carpeting, offering classic beauty in countless durable designs.  

Great Western Flooring is a proud distributor of Shaw carpet, with prices affordable for residential and commercial flooring options.  We offer quality carpeting and flooring products combined with professional installation for long lasting home or business improvements.  See the difference that Great Western Flooring provides to make your house a home, and add value to your commercial property with durable, high quality flooring.

Great Western Flooring is an experienced flooring company, pleasing customer for more than 35 years with high quality flooring products and professional installation.  Contact us today for a FREE design consultation and to speak with one of our knowledgeable design experts.


Best Value for the Cost of Carpet Flooring


The cost of carpet flooring is usually determined by a price per square foot, or price per square yard.  Some other flooring materials are priced only by the square foot, so be sure to compare apples to apples when calculating the cost of carpet flooring versus other materials.

The cost of carpet is just like anything else, there are many variations from a few dollars a square foot to more than you would want to spend, but the average cost of carpeting is right around $6 to $8 per square foot, although that only includes the cost of the carpet, not the pad or installation.

Additional costs for carpet padding would be approximately $3 to $6 per square foot, although that varies as well.  Additional charges apply for installation, which can vary based on the size and shape of the room.

Other variables include floor preparation.  Check the condition of your subfloor if you can, prior to your carpet installation.  If any work needs to be done to prepare your floor, you can save some money by doing these preparations ahead of time.

If moving furnishings or appliances is necessary, there may be a charge for that as well.  By preparing your room as much as possible prior to your carpet installation you can save some money on the cost of your carpet flooring.

Some carpet types may have more charges than other, such as Berber carpeting which can sometimes incur a surcharge during installation.  Removing your old carpeting and discarding of it also comes with a fee.  

For an accurate cost estimate on the price of carpet flooring, including the cost of carpet pad, preparation and install, be sure to call on the professionals at Great Western Flooring for a completely free estimate.

We have the best in quality from top names of carpet suppliers including Shaw and Mohawk, and have professional installers ready to give your room the beautiful makeover it deserves.

Contact Great Western Flooring today, the carpet and flooring experts serving the Chicagoland area for over 35 years.  We have the right flooring for your home or office!  Call Great Western Flooring today for a free estimate.  

Solutions for Various Carpet Types and Prices

chicago_carpet_07When shopping for carpeting, the numerous carpet types and prices can seem overwhelming.  You may not have realized the number of choices available, from various fibers and pile, and with a wide fluctuation of pricing.  


It is worth your time to evaluate your desired application for your new carpet installation, and think about properties that are necessary.  For example, if you need to replace carpeting on a stairway, you’ll want something that is durable and strong that will not lose shape or fade with direct friction applied on each step.  Nylon is a good choice for versatility, while providing strength.  Wool and cotton wear easily and are not ideal for high traffic areas.


Polyester and Polypropylene are also fibers used in carpeting and can have many benefits.  Polypropylene, also known as Olefin, is gaining more awareness as an alternative choice, providing general purpose at a bargain price.  Be sure to talk with your carpeting expert to ensure that your choice of fiber will withstand your purpose.


Along with the variations in carpet types, there are also variations in the carpet price.  Olefin has been a choice for a very inexpensive quick upgrade, where it will not be exposed to super high traffic areas and can sometimes be purchased as inexpensively as under $2 per square foot.  


Nylon is a type of carpet that is more middle of the road with pricing, but it provides excellent performance with resistance to soils, stains and fading. This type of carpet is a little more than the Olefin at around $3-5/ square foot, but with so many variations in types of nylon fiber this price can vary.  Either way it is a common choice for many home and business owners today as a good value for the money.


Be sure to contact the experts at Great Western Flooring Co., serving the Chicagoland area with three locations and design centers.  We offer over 25 years of professional carpet and floor installations, providing the best value for residential and commercial customers.  Our professional installation includes floor preparation, removal and recycling of old materials, and intricate design work when needed for detailed geometric areas.  


We offer the best value for purchase and installation of all carpet types and price range.  


Best Value for Carpet per Sq Ft Price

Unknown-6-150x150When it’s time to replace or install new carpeting, you want the best value for your carpet per sq ft price.  With various fibers possessing different properties, it is worth your time to evaluate the different types of carpeting for your needs.  Installing the right type of carpet for your application will ensure that you receive the most valuable return on your investment.


When evaluating carpet styles, you may wonder which one is right for you.  Nylon is a common choice, providing durability with long lasting stain and fade resistance, and will run in the low to medium price range of approximately $3 per square foot.  Nylon is the strongest of fibers and makes up the majority of carpeting sold today.  It is durable with high resiliency and colorfast properties, providing a great value and improvement to your home.  The only drawback to nylon might be a higher probability of static, but you can have the carpet treated with a non-static coating to reduce this property.


Polypropylene, also known as Olefin, is a less expensive fiber for carpet, averaging on the lower end closer to $1.50 per square foot, but be sure to talk with the experts about your purpose as this type can be susceptible to pile crush depending upon the placement in high traffic areas.  Olefin currently makes up approximately 30% of total carpet sales, however, and can be an inexpensive alternative to higher cost carpet pieces.  


Wool is a fiber that is on the high end when comparing carpeting in price per sq foot, and is out of reach for some consumers at sometimes over $10 / square foot.  In some applications, this may be a desirable choice as wool is very soft, but it does not resist moisture very well and tends to pile and wear away, leaving bald patches in some cases.  Wool is a naturally stable fiber, but can require high maintenance and is desirable in low traffic areas.  


Great Western Flooring Co. Offers Value for Carpet Prices


When evaluating your options for the best carpet price sq ft., be sure to call on the experts at Great Western Flooring.  We have been providing superior service with carpet and floor coverings for over 25 years! We have the resources and experience to bring the best value, no matter the type of flooring or carpet desired.  

Contact us today at one of our three convenient locations for a free no-cost no-obligation quotation to receive your best price per square foot on all styles of carpeting.

For that Cozy Feeling Underfoot, Plush Carpeting is the Answer

Unknown-5-150x150For that Cozy Feeling Underfoot, Plush Carpeting is the Answer

One of the main reasons that homeowners choose carpeting over other, “harder” types of floor coverings – like stone and wood – is to gain that soft and cozy feel under their feet. Believe it or not, though, some types of carpet are actually superior at creating that feel over others.

In particular, textured plush carpeting is one of the best at making your feet feel as comfortable as possible. It is a great choice for bedrooms, family rooms and or any other space in your home where relaxation is the goal. Here’s why:

Comfort – Textured, plush carpeting has its pile cut to a smooth, relatively high, level height. The result is an elegant looking carpet that feels extremely “cushiony” underfoot. One small disadvantage to this increased height of the pile, however, is that plush carpet shows footprints and other indentations to a fairly large degree.

Durability – Plush carpet can be wholly manufactured from natural materials like wool or blends, to a variety of synthetic materials. Each has its advantages and drawbacks, but the manufacturing process ensures a dense pile with multiple twists. This results in a carpet with exceptionally high durability – with a useful life of a decade with minimal care.

Affordability – Due to its popularity, there is an enormous amount of plush carpet manufactured in the United States. This means it is usually the most inexpensive to initially install. Still, care should be taken to not install it in high traffic areas or you will be replacing it on a regular basis. Plush is best used in bedrooms, libraries and other relatively lightly used rooms.

Textured plush carpet is an excellent choice for many homeowners but there are some situations where it should not be used. For more guidance on this point and whether or not textured plush carpeting is the right flooring choice for your needs, please contact us at Great Western Flooring. Visit us online at www.greatwesternflooring.com or reach us directly at 630-357-3331.


From Low to High – What You Can Expect to Pay for Berber Carpet


Berber carpet is one of the most ubiquitous flooring materials found in the United States. It graces almost every office space, and a large majority of residential homes. There are a number of Berber carpet types that range in price depending on what they are designed and manufactured to do. Here is a quick rundown on them:

The material

By far, the primary determinant of what a Berber carpet will cost is the material it is made from. On the low end of the cost scale is Berber carpet made from the highly durable synthetic fiber, olefin. It is used primarily in commercial applications because of its strength, stain and light resistance, colorfastness, and its ability to withstand both crushing and abrasion from heavy use.

Second on the cost scale is polyester. While not as resistant to crushing (pile flattening), it offers the best resistance to staining. These facts make it ideal for use in high traffic areas of residential homes.

Third on the list – and the most expensive synthetic fiber – is nylon. It is still quite resilient but also offers an enhanced “under foot” feel. It is used extensively in dens and bedrooms.

The most expensive materials used to manufacture Berber carpets are the natural fibers: wool and cotton. All hand woven Berbers (as well as some mass-produced ones), which uses one of these natural materials makes them quite expensive.

The construction

There are two main types of construction when it comes to Berber carpets – looped pile and cut pile. All carpets are manufactured the same way – loops are created and then pushed through the backing material. Some are left as is – looped carpets – and some are sheared across the top to create what is known as “cut pile” carpet. The latter is marginally more expensive because of this extra step, but has become the most popular style of carpet in the U.S.

For more specifics on Berber carpets and their costs, please contact us at Great Western Flooring. We can be found online at www.greatwesternflooring.com

or you can give us a call at 630-357-3331.