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Best Value for Carpet Flooring Costs near Chicago

When evaluating carpet flooring costs for your next home or office improvement, be sure to speak with a carpet and flooring expert to understand your options with numerous flooring products available.  There are a few important factors that affect the price of carpet flooring, whether in a residential or commercial flooring environment.  The type of carpet is obviously the biggest factor that determines the cost, but the padding is also an important consideration, along with the ease of installation.

Carpet flooring cost will vary by style and texture, with synthetic and natural fibers available to offer a wide range of carpet types.  Wool carpet is made of natural fibers, and can be very luxurious and soft but will typically cost more than synthetic fiber carpets.  Wool carpeting will often last for twenty to thirty years, however, providing long lasting value with this very durable type of carpet.

Synthetic fibers include nylon, olefin or polyester and are very common types of carpet chosen for many residential carpet installations.  Berber is a typical loop carpet style, and is quite durable and affordable.  Frieze carpet is a twisted pile ideal in busy areas and is popular in commercial flooring applications.  Saxony or plush carpet is luxurious and a fits well in formal areas such as dining rooms, although plush carpeting is more likely to show footprints and is not quite as durable as some other carpet types.

No matter the type or style of carpet that you choose, in order to get the most value from your carpet flooring cost, you should speak with a carpet and flooring specialist to understand all your options.  There may be a type of carpet that would work perfectly for your installation that you may not be aware of.  Once you decide the type and style, it is equally important to purchase a well-known brand name to be sure you get the best value.  Not all carpet is made the same, and you might be sorry if you go with the cheapest price only to find out it needs to be replaced much sooner than anticipated.

The type of carpet padding you choose can make all the difference between soft, cushiony comfort that will last for years, or carpet that wears out and must be replaced sooner.  As with any type of flooring installation, a tricky installation in tight spaces or unique architectural designs may cost a little more than a standard rectangle room.  

For answers to all your questions regarding carpet types, padding and installation, speak with the professional and friendly carpet specialists at Great Western Flooring.  We have been exceeding customer expectations with artistic and skilled carpet and flooring installations for more than 35 years.  We have the widest selection of brand name carpet from high quality manufacturers such as Mohawk and Shaw, at prices you can afford.  

Great Western Flooring is an experienced carpet and flooring company, pleasing customer for more than 35 years with high quality flooring products and professional installation.  Contact us today for a FREE design consultation and to speak with one of our knowledgeable design experts.


Get the Best Value for the Price for Carpet Installation

If you’re searching for the best price for carpet installation, you need to call Great Western Flooring Company, the industry leader in beautiful flooring installed professionally, at the best available price.  

There are things you can do to try to save yourself some money with a new carpet installation, such as clearing the room of furniture, removing your old carpeting or even preparing your subfloor.  You may want to talk with the professionals before doing these things, however, as it might be extra work on your part when you could have the heavy lifting done professionally at a very fair and affordable price.  

If you move your furniture out of the room ahead of time, be very careful with lifting of heavy items such as dressers and beds without asking for assistance.  An injury is not worth moving things by yourself.  

Removing Old Carpet

Removing your old carpeting should be done in a particular fashion for ease of removal with the least amount of contaminants exposed into the air.  If you vacuum your old carpeting prior to removal, it will help to cut down on the amount of dust and air contaminants released into the air you breathe.  

If attempting to tear out your old carpeting, following a few simple tips can make it more manageable.  Removing old carpeting is easier if you cut it into strips, or sections that you can handle.  You’ll need a utility knife with a new sharp blade (be careful not to cut yourself!), and then begin to cut the carpet and the pad in manageable sections about four-foot wide, then roll them up for easy removal.  

Great Western Flooring is experienced at removing old carpet and padding and will dispose of your old carpeting following our green policy and recycling all material.  

Preparing Sub-Floor

Preparing your subfloor includes cleaning, removing any lingering staples, and ensuring that it’s level.  This can also be performed by an experienced carpet installation company, ensuring a nice finish with the result that you are looking for.

While it might be tempting to do some things yourself, and there are things that must be prepared ahead of time, consult with a professional carpet installation company to get the best price for carpet installation, including all preparation, leveling and installing.  

Great Western Flooring Company is a professional flooring and carpet installation company, incorporating our green philosophy into every process and everything we do.  We remove your old carpet and pad and recycle all materials to save energy and conserve our natural resources.  We take pride in using the latest in technology to contribute to a cleaner environment, preserving valuable energy sources.  

Great Western Flooring Company has been providing friendly, professional service for over 35 years, meeting and exceeding our customer expectations.  We offer proven solutions to install beautiful flooring in challenging architectural designs, commercial and residential settings.  Contact us today or stop by our showroom to see a gallery of our exceptional flooring options, giving you the best price for carpet installations.